Project Description

Paul Fuchs

Student Assistant

Short Vita

I am currently studying Political Science and German Studies in the Master of Education at  Freie Universität of Berlin. During my bachelor studies at the University of Mannheim, I focused on the field of discourse linguistics. In this context, I also worked as a student assistant at the Leibniz Institute for the German Language. There I was part of a research project that dealt with the study of everyday language under National Socialism.

What I find exciting about this research initiative

During my time at the Institute for German Language, my focus was on researching a linguistic reality whose elementary component was the exclusion and denigration of social groups. What appeals to me about the BUA project is that it now focuses on discourses that, in contrast, emphasize the cohesion of society.

What my discipline can contribute to this research initiative

As a (discourse) linguist, I argue that language structures and maps human thought to some degree. Thus, exploring dominant linguistic patterns, metaphors, etc. in the discourses around social cohesion, offers the possibility to find out how cohesion is constituted on the part of civil society.