Project Description

Short Vita

Currently I’m in the final stages of my studies in M.Sc. Psychology at Humboldt-University of Berlin. I completed my B.Sc. Psychology at University of Bremen. In psychological research, I’m especially interested in the connections between topics of (social) sustainability, social (in-)justice and mental disorders. Besides studying and working in this research project, I’m doing music and educating myself politically.

What I find exciting about this research initiative

I understand social cohesion as a fundamentally important part of social life. And thereby the project touches dimensions that constitute the basis of humans as social beings. Coming from that perspective I find social cohesion highly worth researching and fascinating. Likewise, the project offers the outlook to identify factors which support social cohesion – and factors which undermine it. From that, sociopolitical applications could be inferred, which makes the project interesting from such a perspective as well.

What my discipline can contribute to this research initiative

Psychology is interested in the behavior and the interior processes of humans. More specialized, Social Psychology deals with the interactions in behavior and experience between multiple humans in social contexts. Therefore, to this research initiative, (Social) Psychology can contribute knowledge, hypotheses and questions about how social cohesion is built, maintained and weakened in specific human relations. Psychology orientates to statistical and experimental methods and can contribute these to the research initiative as well.