Our team

Our project combines theoretical and methodological expertise of seven disciplines in the social sciences, mathematical and natural sciences, and the humanities to better understand the interaction dynamics of civil society address at different analytical levels and through different modalities.

Our team includes:

  • psychologists emphasizing individual-level conditions and correlates of cohesion, both in micro-social encounters and at population scales;

  • sociologists capitalizing on small- and large-scale patterns of social structure and civil society organizations;

  • political scientists looking at pertinent political processes and cleavages;

  • linguists specializing in the symbolic and discursive articulation and negotiation of cohesion and civil society;

  • media and communication scholars analyzing the media infrastructures and technologies that promote or disrupt cohesion;

  • computer scientists studying multimodal interactions between humans and non-humans in face-to-face and mediated encounters;

  • philosophers developing integrative conceptual and epistemological frameworks for an inter- and transdisciplinary analysis.